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What media do you use?

The images are printed directly onto glass and laminated with another layer of glass.

Can we supply our own photography?

As a general rule no. Gaelle will be happy to work on a theme, particular subject or location, to fit a brief or design. It would only be under exceptional circumstances that using the client's images would be justified.

Do you work with your own designers or can you work with ours?

We do both. We have a network of designers that we work with but are always happy to work with your designers and architect.

What is the timescale for a commission?

From portfolio it takes 5 weeks from receipt of the order. An extensive portfolio is available from our online gallery. For a commission it may takes as little as 6 weeks to a few months, depending of the amount of research, design, and the stage that the rest of the development is at.

Do you work outside of the UK ?

Yes. My work is international. I have recently worked on, or discussed projects with, clients and designers in the Bahamas , Dubai , the US , and Shanghai.

Can we contact you at an early stage of our project?

Yes, very much so. The design solutions, and impact of our work, are the result of collaboration with the client, architect and the interior designers. An early consultation ensures good preparation and allows time to look into items like saving energy options and branding exercises which can then be used in future marketing. We also have solutions for simple decorative artwork to add the finishing touches to a project.

Where did your inspiration come from?

It was a combination of having a good eye for colours and composition together with the desire to work with new and challenging materials. Glass offered flexibility, transparency and an amazing set of solutions to elevate the quality of my work whilst producing beautiful and practical solutions for my clients.

Any more questions please contact us at info@gaelle.co.uk

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