Immerse Yourself

In the 70s someone Mihály Csíkszentmihályi  defined the “flow”, a feeling well known by anyone creative or passionate by the task they are immersed in, loosing track of time, feeling contentment and be fully present, thus leaving stress behind. Using arts and crafts allows to move from a left brain approach (based on facts, number and words, strict and organised) to a right side approach (based on concepts, fluidity, ideas and openness), allowing the mind to take a breather.

Unique Activities

Each activity is carefully chosen to enhances relaxation and problem solving, improves creativity and self-esteem and as a whole finding an alternative to a linear way of thinking. These activities promote an awareness of movement and of the present moment, idea generation and relaxation by getting in a meditative state and learning new skills. The activities are varied and can accommodate all levels of skills.

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