Child Specific Activities & Courses

Children are perfect examples of being to live in the present, fully engage with their environment and tap into their beginner’s mind. However, stress gets to them much earlier than it used to as statistics are now showing that their mental health can be affected as young as age seven.

In School or at Home

I do sessions within schools or with their family at their home or mine to release pressure and teach them how to tap into fun activities, tune into their body and their breath and how to handle difficult emotions. We look at kindness, patience, re-framing language… all the resources I sue are age appropriate and the length of the sessions will reflect what their attention span can cope with (much shorter than adults).

Mindfulness for Teenagers

Mindfulness for teenagers is slightly different. As hormones kick in and exam pressure, I teach them very practical step to regain control, learn to breathe through difficulties and give them tips on how to work under pressure that they can take with them in their adult life. The format is different but the basics are the same, it is all about learning an essential set of life skills.

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