1-2-1 Mindfulness Sessions

I have designed courses to allow them to practise mindfulness in different settings so that they regain clam and control whilst building resilience. Each team is different and each individual comes with different needs. Saying that, I use tools to connect, focus and build strength that will ripple through the whole life. Employers who have used mindfulness with their team will know how much it impacts their team and performance. It is the greatest  way to nurture them by investing in them.

Cope with Physical & Emotional Demands

I have done sessions with carers for example that have to cope with a lot of demands put on them both physical and emotional. Some carers put themselves last and their health suffers. After my course, some have reported lower levels of stress. One even told me it helped her reducing her blood pressure after a few unsuccessful years for trying through doctors. It is that powerful; and yet so simple. It is putting an oxygen mask on and getting strong before helping someone else, like they say on planes.

Rebuild Self-esteem

Another way of helping is working with your clients. For examples working with people that have been out of work for a while and helping them to rebuild their confidence, self-esteem and reduce isolation. I work from each situation to draw a plan of action. Mindfulness is wonderfully adaptable and  will tap in many areas like stress reduction, cognitive therapy and emotional intelligence. I work with groups and individuals. I may suggest time in nature to release tension and teach how nature can helps us, giving a connection that used to be so natural to us but may now be something we rarely do.

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