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Adding stylish touches
Design striking features
Offer art with a function
Offer balance between style & soul
Design timeless creations


The experience of staying at a hotel is based on location, service and the quality of the décor. At Gaelle we believe that artwork can, and will, help in enhancing the experience. Our designs bring the hotel experience to a different level, helping you to build a relationship with your guests, making the stay memorable and the first of many to come.

Boutique, character and luxury.  We produce design statements for hotels and corporate lobbies that set the scene. Our glass artwork will greet visitors and stand proudly in lobbies, reception suites, restaurant and bars. As a one off piece, or a series of features, they will celebrate the character of the hotel. Glass artwork can create a boutique feel or communicate about the hotel brand as part of a wider communication strategy.

Techniques we have utilised include:

  • layered glass
  • laminated glass or toughend glass
  • shaped water jet panels
  • printed glass
  • texture and opacity effects...

The artwork includes features for lobbies and reception rooms, restaurant and bar spaces, and suites and penthouse apartments. From decorative panels to intricate water features, our designs are unique, and tailored to blend with their surroundings. They are not just last minute additions, but well thought out and planned elements, that will make a difference to your hotel.

We specialise in character, boutique and luxury establishments. Our expertise is in creating exquisite and elegant artwork to create timeless features. All glass is site specific and our installations are the result of a tailored approach to promote your company with a timeless and elegant design to be proud of.

©2005 Gaelle

Redefine escapism
Perfecting soothing havens
Create experiences


One of our strengths is to build peaceful and inspiring pieces of artwork to allow the guests to relax. We have the additional ability of including sound technology and aromas to bring the artwork to life. Attention is paid to each detail to provide an experience beyond the decorative brief.

Spas are all about the experience and we design features to make your spa a destination. Taking time out, leaving the outside world at the door, and making either a short or long stay a special time to rebuild both energy and strength. We design unique ways to enhance the treatments you offer and aim to make the stay an outstanding experience that your guests will long to experience all over again. You will be surprised how we can help and how small design decisions will win your guests approval over your competitors.

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Stunning environment
Beautiful imagery
Creative solutions
Incorporating branding

Restaurants and bars

For many, the best restaurants become the highlight of a holiday, a venue for a special event, an establishment to not be missed.

To impress your clientele, a strong visual identity, with impact and structure, will make this their favourite place to enjoy.
By working with interior designers and architects, we use art as accent to the décor to create themes, images and impact to wow your clientele. Your restaurant or bar becomes the place to be seen in, spend time with friends and taste the finest cuisine.

From partitioning sections to creating features and highlighting walls, we will work with you to create a sought after location. Well designed lighting and elements like water within the artwork will make the finish unforgettable. Smart touches will add prestige to create a loyal and regular clientele. We guarantee that some of our ideas will take you by surprise. They are fresh and innovative. Don’t take our word for it, come and meet with us.

To discuss a refurbishment or a new project, please contact us to book an appointment.

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