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Emphasize the character of your building
Strengthen corporate branding
Reflect your vision and the ethos of your company
Offer communication alternatives
Improve working environments
Impress clients
Make a long lasting impression

Corporate clients

Impressing visitors, building a corporate identity and improving communication are usually all parts of our brief. Getting your core message, and the right type of communication, is paramount. Designing features is an important exercise in benefiting both your business, and to make an impact on your clients.

Our designs grow from your brief and any imagery, style and wording are used to create artwork that you can feel proud of. We aim to fill a space with inspiration and positive energy. The message is all about you. Our skill is to let it shine through the design.

Previous corporate experience includes working with a design hub on the re-branding of their building, a multi location public art project, and a luxury jewellery shop. In all cases we took the time to meet the clients and include some of their ethics and values in the final designs. Our success was to interpret their vision, delivering quality, and exceeding their expectations.

If you are looking into moving into new premises, or refurbishing important parts of your building, do give us a call.

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Healing Art

Using tranquil and peaceful imagery, we create water features and wall panels for spaces where health and healing is of the greatest concern. We believe that the soft movement of light and water over glass features can help patients relax whilst waiting for their treatments.  Making a waiting room more appealing helps the mind concentrate on positive thoughts, so we create designs that aid recovery by reducing tension.

We use subjects like water, plants and textures that are often seen in close-up photography. These gentle images create a soft form of communication far removed from what is usually offered to captive audiences. Here the focus is moved towards positive energy.

We would recommend these features especially for:

  • Cancer care clinics
  • Maternity wards
  • Nurseries
  • Physiotherapy rooms
  • Waiting rooms of surgeries and hospitals
  • Resting rooms of health spas
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