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The collector's corner

Buying art is an emotional decision. Colours, media and textures all provoke emotional responses, sometimes just by association. How the artwork makes you feel is the most important element in the buying decision.

Whether you buy for yourself, or for someone close to you, you will find that buying art is all about knowing why you want to buy, and where the artwork can be seen for your enjoyment.

Printing on glass allows the transparency to play with transmitted and reflected light, either natural or man made, letting colours glow and the glass touch your heart. We bring craftsmanship to our art by using the materials that brings the photography to life. Some pieces include carvings that cast shadows and add three dimensional details.

We keep the collections small to give you a piece that will grow in value and will not become common-place. We believe in creating sensitive and inspiring artwork to put the final touches to your home. We believe in creating artwork with roots and soul.

All images available from our online gallery are available in glass. Ask us for standard sizes or to discuss your special requirements.

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