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Public art proposal
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Working within the fabric of a building means that we can offer functional and aesthetic solutions to buildings. We can add elements to a façade, create water features for communal spaces, help you define space divisions between rooms that retain natural light and help the space to flow.

We keep the staff and the end users of the spaces in mind to add that human element to the building. Whether the intention is to help with the core business, or enhance the experience when entering and visiting a space, our designs always keep in mind how people move, feel and interact in that space. They build a relationship with the place and people, help with branding, and enhance the overall experience.

The possible applications of the glass panels are varied. They range from:

  • Facades
  • Space screening
  • Sculptures, water features and decorative panels
  • Partitions
  • Discreet wall openings and windows
  • Wet room screens
  • Splash back and tiling options
  • Signage

This list is not exhaustive. Your ideas are welcome.
We can also provide lighting solutions and feasibility studies.
For more information please contact us.

Public Art

Reflect the aspirations of a city
Highlight a site
Design talking points
Create a local attraction
Involve local communities
Add prestige to a location or a regeneration area
Create resonant visual experiences

Adding public art to a site is giving is the final touch to a beautifully landscaped design adding value to the project. Art is integrated into the public realm for them to enjoy. Features gain civil as it improves the aesthetic character of its pubic spaces by adding interest to a location. It gives a reason for visitors to come back and enjoy the space at their leisure.

Working with public funding, councils, local sponsorship and benefactors, this is a collaboration to make a statement in your town.

To know more on how we can help you to make this statement, please contact us for a presentation.

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