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Let your senses guide you…through a truly enjoyable art experience

Let the images transport you. A visual feast for the eyes, the photographs will bring emotions, dreams and energy to you.

Whether you want to create a stunning and bold feature to a new garden design or simply add a gentle visual touch to an existing garden. The artwork will bring a feast to your eyes. Discreet lighting will even make of night time a special time to enjoy this space.

Touch and feel
Let your hands feel the smoothness of the glass, the texture of carved details in the artwork. This is a tactile experience mixing materials. Each detail will make you want to touch and feel.

Sounds bring life to an image. Whether through the natural sounds of birds, the sea or the gentle trickle of a water feature, the artwork becomes entertainment with music or relaxation. A whole range of solutions is available for both indoors and outdoors use.

Let the aromas complete the experience. Breathe and smell the fragrances of plants and flowers chosen with care to complement the visual experience.
For a room leading to the garden or replacing this precious space because of city living, aromas can bring the outdoors in, helping to make a smooth and pleasurable transition.
We can help you to recreate an environment and help relaxation treatments, tickle senses, associate aromas to places and emotions.

“We taste the colours with our eyes”
Each piece has a flavour. In the same way as the aromas of fruits and wood in a glass of fine wine or the mix of unusual ingredients in a good dish. All in style and good taste.