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Are you looking for some artwork which makes a difference?
Are you ready to be blown away by your senses?

Gaelle offers an exciting range of artwork for living spaces which surprises, intrigues and makes an impression. The Accent Design Service is a personnalised service integrating bespoke photographic artwork in glass panels with any combination of texture, light, sound, scents and water. Click here to discover the five senses experience

Whether you want a stylish home, an outside space to relax in or enjoy with friends, an accent feature to greet visitors and clients in your company or a great environment for a new restaurant, Gaelle can help you. The integration of LED lighting with the glass allows flexibility. The incorporation of modern sound technology allows the whole glass structure to transmit sounds and music like a loud speaker, ideal for creating moods or for introducing relaxing sounds for a heaven of peace or entertaining in style . Ideal also for creating luxurious and unusual interiors, the artwork can also fit within corporate use to create a feature to greet clients and visitors or to create stunning surroundings in hotels and restaurants. Water features with artwork, partition walls with lighting, intimate space screening with sound, stylish garden… the list goes on and on….