A few reviews from my clients...


“Mostly I definitely feel the benefit from the course,  I often tell people how helpful the course is. […[ It was good to see you and your family at Enys on Sunday. I just wanted to tell you that I have had my blood pressure taken last week and it was good. The doctors have tried everything to lower it but nothing has worked not even medication for years. So I'm sure it's mindfulness and meditation that have worked, even the family see a change. So thank you, I just need to keep it going!!X” - 


“This course has helped me notice where I’m mindful but also has opened new ways to be mindful. It has deepened my awareness.”

Lesley (8 weeks course)

“calm, warm, sunny, beautiful. Lovely to take some time out surrounded by nature doing something arty and new, enjoying the time. I would normally reserve this sort of things for my kids to do – wonderful to take time to do it for myself. I love the wood, stream, twisty oak trees, bare feet in the grass. Two sets of expertise made for a lovely group”

Samantha (outdoors mindfulness)

“it worked well, easy to concentrate. Lovely tranquil surroundings. It was similar in structure to the group and I felt at ease.”

Charlotte (one to one session as part of 8 weeks course)

“The mindfulness course is well thought out and provides you with a wide range of information […] you can use what you feel is relevant to you. Having a supportive tutor and my own perseverance has enabled me to continue the course and I’m really glad I did. It has been a real learning experience. It made me realise how shut off I am from myself both in thought and mind. I have a lot to earn and discover”

Liz (8 weeks course)

“Lovely teacher with good knowledge and resources. Delivery of the course was relaxed and personal. The most important aspects for me were feeling listened to, reflection on the topic and examples from day to day life. Also the books and videos to explore further”

Charlotte (8 weeks course)

“I have become more actively involved with people as I have gained more confidence and identification with others.”

Sean (8 weeks course)

“This course has given strength. I now feel more mindful of when I need some “me” time and less judgmental of myself for taking time out. I comfort eat less and feel more confident in my choices. Thank you, x.” Nikki (8 weeks course)

“This course has given me the opportunity to take my first steps into mindfulness. I have enjoyed the course as it was different to what I expected. It has been positive for me as I now try to use mindfulness in different situations. I really liked the meditations […} as I don’t go out much and the no pressure format that the group was set up in. […] I hope it will help me to become a better person.”

Michael (8 weeks course and outdoors mindful walk in the woods)

“I have really enjoyed realising that I have to take time to think about myself and it isn’t selfish. Listening to other members of the group is and their thoughts is enlightening. Positive messages are most definitely empowering. […] Listening to valuable “nuggets” that make you really think. […] I feel much calmer despite all the things that are to be done. Thank you, Gaelle.”

Judi (8 weeks course)

“Thank you for the change “of mind” you’ve taught me! […] I’ve learnt there are many ways of handling anxiety, low mood and fluctuating self-esteem.”

Lizzie (8 weeks course)

“Just the right amount of meditation for me and so much useful information that I can take away and put in practice. Thank you Gaelle from the bottom of my heart! Eight 3 hours sessions have made the world of difference to me and have inspired me to keep practising and hopefully pass all my knowledge to my children. x”

Helen (8 weeks course)

“Life changing. Gaelle is the perfect teacher what you perceive as mindfulness goes much further in this course. […] Absolutely amazing. Gaelle is warm, knowledgeable, approachable, interactive. Everything about the course has been life changing for me. I am so aware od smells, sounds, touches around me. I look at the tiniest details and think, rather than getting bogged down by the whole pictures. Loved everything and loved learning…My lesson is to “be” and to “live” in the now, to carry on learning and to feel great about putting the oxygen mask on myself.”

Carolyn (8 weeks course)

“ I have enjoyed coming every week. You made it an approachable group which helped me with my anxiety and helped me to relax. “

Michelle (8 weeks course)

“Thank ou so much for the mindful mandala course. The sessions opened my eyes to both geometric aspects of the drawings and the more free style artistic possibilities. Also your discussion points were both challenging and an encouragement to study further. The experience is something I will always value and continue to use creatively. All the best for future courses.”

Dianne (mindful mandala) course

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