A time to step out and create mindfully

Taking time to do something you love when everything around you makes your brain spin is never selfish. It is self-care at it’s best. It is mindful.

dye it dry it stitch it workshop at the Goosebarn in Seworgan

So yesterday I attended a “dye it, dry it, stitch it workshop” at Goosebarn in Seworgan. The storm “Callum” was raging outside. On its third day of strong winds, rain and generally heavy weather, it took some effort to even want to drive there but… this is where the magic happens… I found a very cosy barn all fitted for creative work that was going to be home for the day.
Rustic yes, natural yes but it is the kind of place where you find freedom in being creative without being too precious about the floor or the table being damaged.

A group of 6 of us plus the 2 people teaching us died fabric from natural plants and bark gathered locally. We twisted fabric, gathered and stitched, screwed and bunched together, even stapled. A few elastics here and there, bits of twine and we dabbled with the different colours on offers.

Mindful creativity by Gaelle Penhallow

The day was punctuated but the storm still raging, laughter and chats and eventually a gorgeous vegan lunch organised by Alice. Well worth the wait. Then the afternoon morphed into something where time stood still. Soft conversations, conversations while slow stitching. Out of our comfort zone but having travelled into a space ad time that felt like pure enjoyment. You know when an event is working because no one makes a move to go home. The log burner was keeping us warm and the company even warmer. Staz and Shiho taught us what they knew and I know there is more from them to come.
I knew I need some time to myself and activities that slow me down give me the space to be mindful. As I have now come back home I know some of it is still with me today and a few ideas are already brewing in my head.

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